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About Krista

The Artist.....
My love and passion for photography are rather a difficult thing for me to define.  I feel that when clients hire me they are commissioning an artist.  An artist to honestly and exquisitely capture and document moments of their lives.  I can promise that I will do so with not only the talent I feel blessed to have but with the fire in my soul that enables my passion for what I do to show in each and every life I am fortunate enough to capture.  Each of us are full of differences, part of what makes us not only "us" but beautiful.  I love being able to observe, feel and capture such a variety of people, events, and journeys which in turn will last a lifetime to look, feel and reminisce. 

The Woman....
My parent's both tell me that it took having 4 girls to finally have a "girl!"  Strong and Independent yet Soft and Gentle.  Stubborn, passionately so of course.  :-)  Loves beauty and can find it every where I turn.  Lives for laughter for I feel a day should not go by without at least one deep belly laugh.  Not afraid to cry for I feel it cleanses one's soul.  Compassion, Trust, Honesty, Devotion is what my very large heart gives and fortunately does so frequently for it is how I guide my way through my life.  And is not afraid to admit I do wholeheartedly still believe in love....true, unexplainable, extraordinary love!

The Mommy....
I am blessed with 3 pretty awesome kiddos ages 18, 16 and 4.  My babies are the main reason for my ear to ear smile as I open my eyes every morning to greet the new day.  They are an immense part of my passion behind the lens for being a Mommy has opened my eyes to seeing and feeling things I never had before they came into the world.  As much as they learn from me as their Mommy I learn from them each and every day.  Makayla, Kason, and Asher are my world and you will more than likely hear their names mentioned during our time together and possibly meet them along the way as well.  They are my constant reminders of why I do what I do and how I do it.  They are just simply my daily dose of true bliss and perfection.

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